Coex3D launched CX-Glass CoPET filament

Coex3D is now offering CX-Glass.  CX-Glass is an amorphous copolyester filament that has excellent printing properties and can be processed on higher temp printers.  CX-Glass is stronger and more translucent than PLA.  CX-Glass needs to be processed at higher temperaturesRead More

Coex3D launches a high performance line of ABS

Coex3D is producing a high performance line of ABS produced from MG94 ABS resin.  This material is often used in commercial 3D printers.  The materials is known for enhanced printability and performance over standard ABS grades.

Coex3D launches a new PLA color – Metalized Silver

Metalized Silver PLA is now available in 1.75mm.  This material gives look of a metal part.