About Support Filament

Support Filament

What is HIPS filament?

HIPS, or High Impact PolyStyrene is a 3D support filament. By using support filament, printing capabilities are increased to create more detailed, complex designs. This filament is intended for use with dual extrusion 3D printers.

Advantages of using HIPS filament

High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS) is a popular choice when support filament is needed to print complicated 3D printing designs.

  • HIPS filament is often used in creating prototypes because it provides the necessary support needed when printing designs with overhangs.
  • HIPS filament is easily broken away after the print is complete.


Support filament types


Run Conditions

Bed Temp: 90-110° C
Run Temp: 230-250° C


Density: 1.04 g/cm3
Rockwell: 107
Softening Temp: 101° C

Common Uses

Often used in machining prototypes because of its dimensional stability and it is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue.

Do you have HIPS support filament questions?

The expert staff at COEX 3D can answer questions you may have about the use and capabilities of our HIPS filament. We’re here to help in any way we can, please contact us.

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