Mystery Filament Flash Sale – July 12th thru July 15th!

While.  Supplies.  Last. So hurry!! Nearly 25% Off Mystery Standard PLA and Mystery Standard ABS in 1.75mm and 2.85mm.  Regular price: $16.99/kg marked down to $12.99/kg. Nearly 30% Off Mystery ABS+ (Our **PRIME** MG94 Blend of ABS).  Regular price: $27.99/kg marked down toRead More

*NEW* Black Hytrel® Filament Now Available on Our Web Store!

The wait is over!! At the Rapid + tct show in Detroit last month, DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers revealed the latest in their Hytrel® filament line: BLACK Hytrel®.  Their official press release can be seen here. We have allRead More

New Color Alert!! #PlumPurple

We *love* making new colors of PLA for our customers.  Check out the latest here.  #PlumPurple #LatestAndGreatest #AlwaysInnovating #Coex3D #3DPrinting

Official News Release: Coex and DuPont Introduce Carbon- and Glass- Reinforced Zytel Filaments

Coex LLC, US manufacturer of the highest quality 3D printer filaments, has added two new fiber-reinforced filaments to its material portfolio in partnership with DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers, a global business unit of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division. TheRead More

Photos of the Latest & Greatest Filaments from DuPont

Check it out, fans: We now have photos of our latest DuPont offerings on our web store! If you have not seen black Zytel, you must check it out (product pics on the web – see links below) or stopRead More

Tangled Filament?? Be good to your filament and it will be good to you…

Coex fans… how many times has this frustration happened to you?!?  AUGH! Well… it turns out *you* are the key to preventing it.  Read all3dp‘s tips and tricks for more.  You’ll be glad you did!    

Coex Closed Monday, January 28, 2019

Coex fans, We are going to close our doors in anticipation of the massive snowstorm headed our way. We are going to keep our employees safe at home and want our customers to stay safe at home as well. ThanksRead More

Coex PLA prints terrain like nobody’s business!

WOW! Midwest Token 3D printed this spectacularly detailed terrain with our Stone Grey PLA. #ReliableResults #3DPrinting #Coed3D #Token3D Get your own here!

Two New PLA Colors… now available in our web store!

Folks, We now have Gamer Green (Chartreuse) and Navy Blue PLA available for sale online!  These are the logo colors of our fellow Village company, Gamer Green. New year, new colors = Happy January!!  

Another great Coex PLA review thanks to Fugatech 3D Printing

We can’t get enough of hearing how well our PLA performs and, according to Shane, this time was no exception!  He reviewed a spool of our Mystery (misc color) PLA and, despite his printer not performing as it should have, he hadRead More

TopThrillMatt Reviews Coex PLA on his YouTube channel!

Hey Coex fans, Check out TopThrillMatt (also known as Arcade Matt on his other YouTube channel) reviewing our *custom colors* of PLA! We custom-mixed a Gamer Green chartreuse and navy just so that Matt could print a Gamer Green logo-edRead More

Creativity Comes to Life – 3D Printing is SO COOL!

Check out this video of a brand new talking toucan at Kalahari Resorts that our friend Willy (the genius behind printing this) sent us!  We love that we are an integral part of making our customer’s creativity come to life. GetRead More

FOUR Days of Savings

What’s a 3D 4Day Coex-travaganza?  It’s our best online sale ever.  That’s all. We didn’t want you to miss out on the great deals due to the time constraints of a one-day sale.  We know you’re busy.  We also knowRead More

New Team Page… after a loooong delay…

Coex fans, we have *finally* updated our website to include (and introduce) our “new” team which has been in place since early 2018!  Indulge us if you’re interested in who makes Coex tick these days: About Coex and Our TeamRead More

The Latest in Our SPARKLE Line of Filaments – *SPARKLE* PETG!

Coex fans who print with PETG will be happy to learn that we’ve now dabbled in translucent *sparkle* colors in their favorite filament. Check out the latest: *SPARKLE* Cobalt Blue PETG and *SPARKLE* Salsa Red PETG  Ours is the pinnacleRead More

It’s Fall Y’all! INTRODUCING Pumpkin Orange PLA (Psst: There’s a discount code below!)

It seems like everyone’s jumping on the “Everything Pumpkin” bandwagon this time of year… and we at Coex are not ones to buck a trend. Introducing… PUMPKIN ORANGE PLA! We printed this superbly scary Makies Jack-O-Lantern with our LIMITED EDITIONRead More

BIG NEWS: Filament Made in the USA, Ships from the USA

Many of you have seen that a certain 3D printer manufacturer is now jumping into 3D printer filament manufacturing.  And while we love their printers (use one in our lab here, in fact), we believe that we know a thing orRead More

*SPARKLE* PLA Now Available in Four Colors

You’ve asked for them and we listened: *SPARKLE* COLORS are now available! Our *SPARKLE* color filaments are made of the same resins and colorants that we use for our “full color” PLA options…  but now you can get them inRead More

LIMITED EDITION Color – Matte Black – Available only while supplies last!

Coex LLC is now offering a limited edition color PETG filament for those interested in printing black items with a little less sheen. Print lower-luster black creations with our highest quality PETG filament – available for a limited time inRead More

Transition “Mystery” Color Filaments Now Available for Purchase!

Some of our local Coex fans are familiar with our transition “mystery” color filaments.  NOW, all of our fans on the web can get their hands on these “mystery” color filaments, too! Our transition color filament is the same highRead More