Coex ABS Line

Coex ABS products are now available online.  Coex customers who have come to love our PLA can now try buy our ABS product online.  Coex ABS line will be offered in both 1Kg spool and smaller 1 lb spools.

Coex Launches High Strength PLA filament

Coex has recently completed development on a modified PLA filament that dramatically improves toughness and strength properties of properties.  Preliminary testing has found mechanical properties increased by 15% over neat PLA.  Coex is currently offering the high strength PLA filamentRead More

Coex Launches New Website

Coex is happy to announce the launch of our new E-Commerce website.  The site has been launched with 1.75mm PLA to start.  Makers can now purchase all Coex’s high performing filaments directly from our extrusion plant.  Coex is dedicated toRead More