Drake Quick-Laughlin

Date Created: September 12, 2017
Filament Type Used: PETG Filament

This is an excellent 3D benchy i printed using COEX Natural PETG filament on my Prusa i3mk2s, it turned out wonderfully for 200um layers and has demonstrated that the Prusa i3mk2s default profiles are excellently tuned. For my personal use, I dont think i need to do any more calibration of these print settings.
Printer: Prusa i3 mk2s
Print settings: .20 mm normal
Filament settings: Prusa Pet (Coex PETG filament)
Filament: Coex PETG filament
Bed Temp: 90
Run Temp: 240
Speed: 40mm/s
Skirt, Brim, Raft, Supports: no
Infill: 20%
Slicer: Slic3r Prusa Edition
Total time: ~2 hrs.
Note: Provided photo has had it's quality lowered to fit under 1MB

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