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Have a career in the 3D printing and coil binding industries!

COEX LLC is a team-based, collaborative environment with a growing client list and expanding opportunities!

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the COEX team. Our coil binding business is well known throughout the Midwest and our 3D printing filament products promise endless possibilities. While we are a small company, we have big plans, including growth, product innovation and incorporating the latest technologies.

Our future depends on our family-like team and each person’s abilities to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. And, our growth relies on hiring people who bring ideas and welcome continuous improvement through an entrepreneurial spirit.



COEX LLC fosters the merger of art and engineering, inspiring creative expression, promoting learning and enabling effective solutions.


At COEX LLC, our belief system is based on Christian values, which are the guiding principles influencing everything we do and how we go about it.

Fun: do what you love and have fun doing it.
Innovation: evolving minds to meet the needs of a changing world.
Excellence: striving to be the best.
Courage: speak your mind, share your ideas.
Family: we are in this together.
Integrity: do the right thing, always.
Caring: better the lives of everyone we touch.


To be a thought leader in the adaption of cutting edge materials technology, enabling broad applications, ranging from the creation of art, to products that impact the well-being and everyday lives of people.

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The COEX Community of avid 3D printing enthusiasts offers a networking and sharing space for 3D printing projects, tips and questions. Our growing community actively shares 3D printing projects and features the capabilities of COEX 3D’s filament first-hand. It’s quick and easy to upload a picture and description. Join the COEX Community today.

"We have been using plastic spiral coils from COEX for over 22 years and have experienced great quality and service.  The coil quality allows us to be efficient in our plastic spiral bindery department.  COEX delivers on the day they say they will... and often times exceed our expectations." — Steve P.