*NEW* Black Hytrel® Filament Now Available on Our Web Store!

The wait is over!!

At the Rapid + tct show in Detroit last month, DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers revealed the latest in their Hytrel® filament line: BLACK Hytrel®.  Their official press release can be seen here.

We have all grades and filament gauges in stock and ready to ship!  You can get your hands on some here:

40 Shore D Grade in 1.75mm

40 Shore D Grade in 2.85mm

60 Shore D Grade in 1.75mm

60 Shore D Grade in 2.85mm

Since we are the DuPont authorized distributor for North America, we are happy to answer all of your questions regarding DuPont high-performance 3D printing materials.

Happy printing in black, Coex fans!