HIPS Filament Details

Natural HIPS 1.75mm

1.75mm | 1 kg


1.75mm Diameter
1 kg Weight
Select Natural Color Option
Product Specs
Product Specs

Item Number: CX06-0100-18-1KG

Closest Pantone Color: 7499

Weight: 1 kg

Color: Natural

Diameter: 1.75mm

Material: Polymer

Physical Properties: Density – 1.04 g/cm3

Thermal Properties: Vicat Softening Temperature – 101°C

Hardness: 107

Run Temperature: 230°-250° C

Bed Temperature: 90° - 110°C

Product Description

HIPS filament is a support filament used for complex, in-depth 3D printing designs or prototypes that include a overhang.

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"We have been using plastic spiral coils from COEX for over 22 years and have experienced great quality and service.  The coil quality allows us to be efficient in our plastic spiral bindery department.  COEX delivers on the day they say they will... and often times exceed our expectations." — Steve P.