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Magigoo Original 50ml


Product Description

  • Easy application: applying Magigoo is as easy as child's play. Shake, press, apply. Spread on an active printing area only. No need to cover the whole surface
  • Easy-release: Magigoo adhesive properties are designed to release the 3D print once the build plate has cooled.
  • Easy-clean: Magigoo is easily cleaned with water.
  • Long-lasting: Magigoo last for 100+ average prints.
  • Odorless and safe: Magigoo is safe to use - be it in a closed room or educational workshop with kids.

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Description Specs
Product Specs
Product Description

All you need for sure adhesion of 3D prints

Magigoo is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address ‘the first layer not sticking problem’. Magigoo ensures a strong adhesion to the hot plate. But the magic starts when printing is ready: just wait for the plate to cool down and then remove your prints with just a finger flick! In addition, Magigoo helps to prevent warping. Isn’t it magic? Regardless of you being a hobbyist or professional – it is extremely rewarding to have a 30 hour print complete without any warping and having it release easily once cooled.

  • Over 100 applications
  • Easy application
  • Easy release
  • Easy clean
  • No smell
  • Non-toxic
  • No additional tools needed
  • Easy to transport
  • Nicer print finish


Important note : The applicator has an active spring valve, which activates when applicator is pressed against the build plate. Please do not press the bottle as “ketchup bottle” , otherwise  the applicator may pop off. Bottle may be slightly squeezed,  only when the nib is pressed against the bed and it may be necessary only if bigger flow is required. Bottle must not be squeezed when cap is off any other time as it may result in glue popping out of the bottle. 

Product Specs

Item Number: RX04-0001-MG-50ML


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Good Value

This material reminds me strongly of glue stick polymer, but thinned down to a liquid that's easier to apply. The clear layer it creates is much more professional than the milky junk of glue stick, too. I can tell 50mL will last a long time! It does a fair job of adhering pieces to the print bed, and I've used a single layer multiple times without ever noticing a loss in performance. If the surface is scuffed with a green scrubby pad it improves the adhesion quite a bit as well. It cleans off with IPA, but methanol works much better. If I could complain about anything, it would be that the applicator sometimes gets clogged with dry material and needs to be primed.


It is worth the money

I like this bed adhesion product it is good for my silicone mat for my 3d pen and printer and it is going to last forever


"From sales to shipment, we love working with the COEX team!  Not only do they produce consistent, high-quality filament, their team is super flexible and willing to take on all of our requests." — Matt F.