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Sovol Premium PTFE Tubing


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Specification: Premium Light Blue Bowden Tubing Composition: 100% Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Color: Blue, Translucent ID (Inner Diameter): 2.0mm ± 0.05mm OD (Outer Diameter): 4.0mm ± 0.05mm Length: 1 Meter Working Temp Range (°C): -60-320 Melting Point (°C): 327~330

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Product Description

Premium Light Blue Bowden PTFE Tubing

High-performance PTFE tubing for Bowden 3D printing systems. Lowers friction and improves print quality.
Produced from the finest pure virgin transparent PTFE, it has been treated with a special additive to reduce friction when printing flexible filaments. It is also made to highly precise standards. It was developed specifically for 1.75mm filament with an extremely tight internal diameter to improve filament constraint between the extruder and the HotEnd.

Package Including:
1 x 1 Meter Bowden Tubing
PTFE Tube With Push Fitting Connector for 1.75mm 3D Printer

Product Specs

Item Number: RX05-0004-TU-0001

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