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Transition “Mystery” Color PLA 2.85mm

Diameter: 2.85mm | Weight: 1 kg


Product Description

A great opportunity to pay less for top=quality PLA filament! Our transition color PLA filament is the same high quality PLA filament that our customers trust but in “mystery colors.” These varying colors are the result of our changeovers from one of our standard color to another during production of our filament and cannot be reproduced. Let us choose a color for you and you will receive 1kg of filament for the 500g price!

Purchase 1kg of PLA filament for the price of 500g. This Transition Color filament in a “mystery color” at the 500g price! Colors vary. (This item is not returnable due to color.)

*This product is limited to availability as we make changeovers.  If you cannot add it you your cart, we are sorry, but we are out of stock.

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Product Specs
Product Specs

Item Number: CX02-0000-30-1KG

Weight: 1 kg


Diameter: 2.85mm

Material: Polymer

Physical Properties: Density – 1.24 g/cm³

Thermal Properties: Melting Point 145° C to 160° C

Run Temperature: 215°-235° C

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"From sales to shipment, we love working with the COEX team!  Not only do they produce consistent, high-quality filament, their team is super flexible and willing to take on all of our requests." — Matt F.