CoexFlex™ TPU 60A

By far, the most flexible filament on the market.  At Shore 60A, it is much softer than Ninjaflex or Filaflex, feels like a rubber band, and produces finished parts that are completely tactile, flexible no matter what infill you use.  Highly functional for applications that require stretch, flexibility, or compliance. (NOTE: Only printable with select printers capable of printing this durometer of filament.)

  • Non-toxic.
  • Incredible flexibility and elasticity.
  • Shipped vacuum-sealed with desiccant to keep it free of moisture (not prone to moisture absorption, but best to be careful)

Recommended print settings:

  • Print on unheated, solvent-cleaned polymer surface such as Buildtak, PEI, Kapton, or Vinyl hairspray
  • Recommended print temperature 210°C ± 5°C (NEVER approach or exceed breakdown temperature of 230°C)
  • Print speed – up to 40mm/s. Start very slow (20mm/s) and work up from there. Slow down for bridging and infill.
  • Extrusion multiplier – up to 1.25 compared to rigid material, depending on your tension settings
  • Extrusion width – 105% of nozzle diameter (0.42 for a 0.4mm nozzle)

  • Natural CoexFlex™ 60A TPU 1.75mm Product Photo

    Natural CoexFlex™ 60A TPU 1.75mm

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  • Natural CoexFlex™ 60A TPU 2.85mm Product Photo

    Natural CoexFlex™ 60A TPU 2.85mm

    2.85mm | 1 kg $95.00
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